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Story: PASSWORD - Episode 14


Password - Episode 14

©Aaron Ansah-Agyeman
Restricted Content: 20 Years +
Coarse Language. Nudity. Sex. Violence..


Ato stands up and slowly approaches Kofi.

Slowly he drops to one knee and tentatively reaches out and touches Kofi’s face.

It is only when he ascertains that indeed Kofi is crying for real, that Ato’s face softens and he breathes with horror.

Awurade Nyankopon! Are you going mad, Kofi? You’re really crying! What’s wrong with you, Bro?
Kofi Kuntu shakes his head and then, haltingly, he begins to narrate everything that happened to him since he rubbed the Jamaican Stone solution on his d--k.
Ato’s eyes grow bigger and bigger with horror by the second, searching Kofi’s face as if to find out some other hidden truth.
Kofi runs a trembling hand through his hair and then uses his handkerchief to clean his face.

So that’s it, bro. My future is screwed up. I either marry this Indian chick, or I become impotent for life. I can’t even marry Akweley because I’m now useless to her as a man!

Boshit! It is psychological, bro. She has messed up with your mind using a mixture of hypnotism and some witchcraft. It has given you performance anxiety of the worst kind. All of us get light offs once in a while.

No, it’s not psychological, man! Even with Sajili I only get an erection when she does the d--n password thing.

Boshit! Listen, this can be cured fast, bro. Today I’ll take you to ashawo line. You get roaring drunk, and then you’ll be with one or two sluts, and bingo, you’ll fire away! You only need to enter one hole, and your mind will be reset forever!

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It won’t work. You don’t understand, man, Saji has finished me!

Stop your boshit, man! I’m gonna cure you fast! Now forget about everything. Take some breakfast and let’s get some work done. And then, in the evening, we’ll find a cure for you.
And it is evening now.

First Ato had taken Kofi to his own apartment, which is on the fifth floor of a six-floor building.
He had tried to get Kofi to relax by making him eat some Chinese food they had bought, beef noodles, Kofi’s favourite.

And then he made sure Kofi was very drunk. He then forced him to swallow one Viagra pill.
He then left Kofi in the bedroom, drunk and h---y, and drove out.
He returned about an hour later with a beautiful prostitute whom he told to make love to Kofi, but told her he would be watching.

What? You want to watch me f--k your friend?

Well, not completely. Just want to see if he gets an erection, and then I’ll leave you to it.
She shrugs as she steps out of her dress and takes off her bra and panties.

Whatever you want, dude. But remember, it’ll cost you extra for this voyeur s--t!
Ato watches as Kofi giggles and takes off his boxers.

I’m gonna klonk you! I’m gonna klonk you hard and bad and klonkier! Hihiihihiihi!!
He is naked, and he grabs the prostitute.

And for the next forty minutes the prostitute does all she can, but Kofi remains flaccid…

No power!

No erection!

Dead engine room!
The girl finally pushes Kofi away and stands up.

Kofi curls up on the bed in the foetal position and begins to weep heart-breakingly.

The girl looks at him without expression, and then she quirks an eyebrow at Ato.

So? This guy is very cute, most handsome guy I’ve probably ever seen, but he’s useless. That d--k is impotent. You wanna f--k me?
Ato shakes his head numbly as he takes out his wallet and peels off money to the girl.
She counts the money and narrows her eyes.


If you’re not going to drop me off you better add my taxi charter money to it. A hundred Ghana cedis.

Hundred Ghana? Are you going to charter a submarine?
And that is when the prostitute screams like Bruce Lee and delivers two quick chops to Ato’s head with her left fist.

Ato screams with pain as the blows send him toppling backward.
Kofi screams with sudden insane laughter and points a finger at Ato’s bleeding nose.

She kunfued you…hahahahahahaaa! The w---e kunfued your f-----g face!!
The prostitute reaches for Ato’s wallet and takes out an extra one hundred and fifty Ghana Cedis, and then throws the wallet at Ato.

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You f-----g thief!

You’re right about the ‘f-----g’ part, but you’re gonna pay for the ‘thief’ part! Hiyaaaa!
She spins and her right foot crashes into Ato’s head.

(coughing with laughter)
She Vandammed you! She did a turning-kick and Vandammed your f-----g head!
The girl gathers her things and walks out of the bedroom naked.
Ato sits up holding his aching head, and glares at his friend.
He is not surprised when Kofi suddenly breaks into tears.

You cut that s--t out now!

You see how my bula didn’t even twitch? That’s proof number one! Now, let’s go to Sajili’s house now! I’ll give you proof number two!

C’mon man! It’s all in your f-----g head! You need a shrink, man, to set your brain straight!

F--k you! F--k you! There’s nothing wrong with my head! Come with me! I’ll show you Indian witchcraft, you bastard!

And so, at around 10 p.m. that night, Ato and Kofi get into Ato’s car and drive all the way to the ATIEMO ESTATES.
Ato stays in the backseat as Kofi has instructed him.
He knows that the door will be left unlocked.
Sajili opens the door for Kofi, and soon he vanishes into the room.
Ato waits for ten minutes as he had agreed with Kofi.

He gets out of the car and walks quickly to the door which Kofi had unlocked after Sajili locked it, opens it, and enters a most luxurious-looking living-area.

He finds the bedroom door open, and he lies flat on his stomach.
He crawls flat towards the open bedroom door, which Kofi has left open intentionally.
The light is on too, illuminating the bed.

Ato comes inside, still flat on his stomach, and then he raises himself up to his knees and looks on the bed.
Both Kofi and the Indian girl are naked, and Ato gets an instant erection when he sees how beautiful and curvaceous Sajili is.

His erection begins to dwindle suddenly when he sees what Sajili Prakash is doing to his friend.
She whispers some words and then pulls Kofi’s penis.

There are more words, and then she pulls Kofi’s left testicle.
Next she holds Kofi’s penis and turns it anti-clockwise twice.

Suddenly she turns Kofi over, murmurs some words, and then slaps his buttocks very hard, twice, and when she finally turns him over, Kofi’s penis is erect, hard and big.
Sajili rises herself above Kofi and settles herself unto his erection with a contented moan.

She rides him, screaming with delight.

Oh, yes, yes, yes! I love your penis! It is only for me! Me only! My penis! My sweet penis! Only for me! Only for me! Enjoy it, Kofi! Enjoy it! This is the only p---y for you! Klonk me! Klonk me! Oh, Kofi darling, klonk me haaaaaard! My penis! My Peniiiiiiiiiiiis!!
She is enjoying herself, but Kofi turns his face towards the door, and Ato sees that Kofi is weeping silently!
It brings tears to Ato’s eyes to see his friend weeping whilst he is deep inside that witch.

How on earth can a person make love and cry at the same time?
Ato crawls back slowly to the living-room, gets up, and rushes out to the car.


My God! Kofi is right! That witch has put a password on his penis!


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