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Story: PASSWORD - Episode 13


Password - Episode 13

©Aaron Ansah-Agyeman
Restricted Content: 20 Years +
Coarse Language. Nudity. Sex. Violence..


What evil is this?

What witchcraft is this?

Oh, dear Lord!

His tears fall faster as his lips laps down at Akweley.

This is all he can do now: lick the cunts of girls!
He is useless now!

He cannot do anything!

I can only lick! Oh, Awurade! I can only use my tongue on a vagi-vagi!! I can’t fire! I can’t hammer….oooooooh, Awuradeeeeiiii!!

Whaaaat? Whaaaaaat did you aaasssh mmmm, mmm, saaaaaay?
Her thighs curl around Kofi’s head in her orgasmic explosion, suffocating Kofi.
He holds Akweley’s thighs and tries to pry them apart as they tighten dangerously around his head.

Heeerh Akweley, Akweley! Release my head, release my neck right now! Akweley, you’re killing me, release my head!
She can’t hear him.

She is exploding and squeezing him beyond his endurance.
He stands up, almost lifting her off the bed, and pushes her off his neck.
She plods back on the bed still bucking with pleasure, her eyes squeezed shut tightly.

Kofi takes the opportunity to fly into his boxers and trousers.
Her scent is all over his nose and lips, and he walks into the bathroom and washes his mouth and face.
He washes the tears from his eyes.
He stares at his reflection in the mirror and shakes his head with a heavy heart and dries his face.
When he enters the bedroom she is still in bed, looking at him with dazed eyes, her face flushed with the magic of what had happened to her.

You’re getting dressed?
He smiles sadly.

Yes, love. Gotta rush to the office. Your pops is angry with me. Wanna be in the office on time.

Oh, come on, love! He would be passing through other places before going to the office, I told you. I don’t want you to have blue balls. You gave me a most incredible and powerful o----m. Come and let me repay you.

No, no, my love. Perhaps another time. We just have a month to the wedding and I don’t want to infuriate your father further. Maybe he might pass through the office before going to wherever he plans to go.

Ei, Kofi Kuntu saying no to atopa? Wonders will never end! Don’t worry, love. My father can never sack you as long as I love you. Come, baby. Let me give you one powerful round! I’ll give you your favourite, the Cobra Strike! Come, la, my lion!

I’ll see you after work then, my love!
She pouts with feigned anger as he quickly puts on his shirt.
He heads towards the door.

Kofi Kuntu! Don’t you dare! Don’t I even get a kiss and a goodbye hug?
He smiles and blows her a kiss.

The way I’m feeling, if I kiss you I can’t stop myself from ripping you apart like a lion. I’ll klonk you bad!

Klonk? What kind of word is that one too?
He laughs and quickly goes out and runs to his car.
Oh, Lord!
He is even speaking like that d--n Sajili!
Has he actually used klonk?
As he drives away he fights down his tears unsuccessfully.

Oh, Saj! You wicked demon!
When Kofi enters the office, Ato is already taking his breakfast in the small inner living-area.
Kofi walks in and flops into a chair.
Ato, dressed in a dark-blue suit with sky-blue shirt, puts down his teacup and looks at Kofi with sudden surprise.

Hey! You look like s--t!

You f-----g a-----e! Yesty I called you and you cut me off and switched off your d--n phone!

Sorry, rasta! My anus was paining me something fierce!

Your anus?

Yep. My anus. I’ve got piles, man. Bad piles! Kooko! Comes and goes, and it makes shitting a real horror movie when those piles rear their ugly heads. I was just from the can, bro, and my piles were killing me, and then you called with some shitty news that some Indian chick put a password on your p---k.
Kofi leans forward and stares at Ato balefully, his fear drawing a picture on his face.

What told you I was shitting you? Sajili put a d--n password on my d--k!
Ato doesn’t appear to hear.
He puts a piece of toasted bread in his mouth and looks at his phone.

I found the girl I want to marry, bro. Beautiful fresh meat called Maa Abena Nyantie. Beautiful girl, nurse, sweet like mwaaaah! She’s in a WhatsApp group with me, you know, the GOLGOTHA CHURCH YOUTH GROUP. Look at her! Such a beauty!
Ato leans forward and shows the photo on his phone to Kofi.
Kofi takes the phone and looks at the profile picture of the girl who has gotten Ato so smitten.
The picture is just the right eye of a woman, judging by the shape of the eyebrow.
But it is just an eye.
The right eye of a woman.
It is a lovely eye in a way, penetrating and filled with some kind of amusing secret, an eye that seems to stare right through Kofi.

A warm eye.
An eye that seems to be staring right through him, seeking out his soul.

It is an eye.

What do you mean it is an eye?

(giving the phone back)
You’re going to marry an eye?

F--k you, man! That’s Maa Abena Nyantie. A girl on a platform I share. A sweet, beautiful nurse who-

Yeah, yeah, you told me, but this is an eye!

It’s Maa Abena’s eye, fool.

And you’ve seen more than her eye?

Nope. I asked her to send me a full facial pic but she just sent lol. But she intrigues me, man. I look at that eye and something goes through me viiiiim!

You craze pass. You see a lady’s eye and suddenly she is the girl of your dreams? You just want to klonk her, that’s all.

I want to what?
And that is when Kofi begins to cry.
His shoulders shake and tears fall down his face and he looks absolutely shattered.
Ato stares at him with his lips open wide.

Oh, God… buuubuuubuu, hiiihiiihii, bubububbubb!
Ato Sey cranes his head and looks at Kofi with stunned indignation.

Hey! Are you trying to make a fool of me? What the hell is going on? Are you really crying or you’re just pulling some prank on me?


Hiihhiiii… Oh, Loooorrrd! My penis! My bula matari! Saji put a curse on my penis! She cursed my penini! She passworded it!

To be  continued


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