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Story: PASSWORD - Episode 12


Password - Episode 12

©Aaron Ansah-Agyeman
Restricted Content: 20 Years +
Coarse Language. Nudity. Sex. Violence..


Kofi drives home and takes a very long shower.

He presses his clothes and gets dressed because he cannot sleep.
He is so stressed up, and he feels so lonely.

He walks to his living-room and slots in his favourite p--n movie.

He has all the collection from one to twelve.

It features solo masturbation scenes with well-endowed women.
He sits in the chair and watches for almost forty minutes, shutting out his mind completely and concentrating on the big-breasted and huge-assed p--n stars doing incredible things with massive dildos.

Normally he gets an erection within the first five minutes of watching it. Just the sight of one of them getting out of their clothes is usually enough to make his lavde angry.

But that dawn he sits through forty minutes, and he feels nothing.
He unzips his fly and drags out his olidade ahunuabobrim from his boxers.

It looks up sadly at him like some old mouse poking its head out of a hole.
It looks so miserable.

(in a trembling voice)
This is just psychological. Kai, bullshit things! Whoever heard of a password on a d--k?
He continues to watch the video whilst massaging his langalanga, but still nothing!

No power.

No voltage.

No anger.

He stands up and beats his bula matari faster, concentrating on the porno movie which is now showing the antics of a curvy latino with super a-s and paradise breasts who has fixed the d---o on the floor and is squatting over it, trying to impale that giant phallus all up inside her, presenting a back view that he finds absolutely arousing.


Tears comes to Kuntu’s eyes.
He looks down at his oluman sakora and pulls it hard.

Wake up, bula, wake up! Come up! Don’t let that Indian witch kill you, aboa bula!
Just then his phone rings.
It is the special tone for Akweley.
The phone is on the leather seat, and he picks it up and puts it to his ear as he pauses the movie.

Hello, my love.

Oh, Akwe! Oh, my love! I miss you so much!

But where did you go to last night? I was expecting you at the hospital but you didn’t show up! I was hurting so much and I needed you by my side terribly!!

You father wouldn’t let me! He drove me out of the house with a gun and warned me not to come near you again. He even sacked me from my job.

It’s alright, my love. You know his bark is always more powerful than his bite. He was just angry. He’s okay now. I begged him on your behalf and he has agreed to give you a second chance, my love.

But how are you, my love, my precious angel?

I’m fine, love. Just that I miss you.

Is your biiiiiiig mouth gone? Oh, sorry, love! It came out wrong. I didn’t mean it to sound like that.

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That’s okay, sweetheart. I’m okay now. What about you? Is the pain gone now?

Yes, yes, it is gone.

Then come over right now, love. I miss you so much. I want to see you.

What? Now?

Yes! Now!

But your father!

He’s left already, love. Some partners he has to meet and some deals he has to close! You can come over and kiss me and still get to the office early.

Alright, sweet honey, sweet abodoo, I’m on my way, my only Princess!

Hurry, Stallion! I can’t wait for your sweet-

He has spoken without even realizing he is speaking.
He sighs with sudden apprehension.

What? What did you say?

I said creamy, love. I’m coming over right now!
He cuts the call and stands for a moment.

He looks down as his police abaa which is still out of his boxers and speaks.

Adweaaa! You don’t want any porno p---y, right? Well, guess what, I’m going to give you the best flesh in the business. Akweley is going to sit on you and bounce, so you better get up from your stupidity and get hard, kweku donsuro!
He quickly locks up and runs to his car.
He speeds through the empty streets towards his love!
When he opens Akweley’s door she is lying on the bed wearing only the tiniest G-string.

Kofi Kuntu swallows with the rush of love and desire that rushes through him.

He enters slowly and closes the door.
He walks to the bed and stands looking down at her.

She smiles seductively and slowly opens her legs, showing him a sight that makes his head pain him with instant lust.

His knees go weak, and he looks from the tip of her toes to the amazing pair of breasts on her chest.

Get out of your clothes, K. K. Right now.

Like a magician waving a wand Kofi shirks his clothes in a blink of an eye, and then joins her on the huge bed.
He kisses her fiercely, passionately, hungrily.
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She shivers as his tongue scorches a trail down her throat.

She moans deep in her throat, her fingers raking down his shoulders like talons.

His lips are searing orbs of fire on her n-----s, which are engorged and vibrating. His hand creeps gently up her inner thighs, caressing her gently until he comes to the juncture of her thighs.

His fingers dive under her, playing a sweet kind of music on her central station.

She is bucking now, her eyes glazed.
His lips descend down her belly as he grasps her G-string and peel it down her long, smooth legs.
He is kissing her navel now, and then his lips hover over her wet, warm, dripping muff.

His tongue flicks over her c--t.
She moans and loses control as if a category hundred tsunami has blasted through her.

As Kofi’s lips move over her chut, licking and bringing her higher and higher, his left hand goes down to his own s---t, and tears fall from his eyes and mingle with her meat as he feels his soft flabby lavde.

No power.

No fire.

No erection.

He works like a machine now, aware that he needs Sajili’s password to get an erection. There is simply no way he is going to be able to make love to his own fiancé, the girl he is going to marry in a month.

Indeed, Sajili India has ruined him!

Oh, Kofi… aaash! Mmmm, mmm, mmmm! Assh… aaaaah, aaaaah, aaaah! Please, come up and make love to me… aaaaash! Kofi, if you don’t come up now I’ll explode and you’ll be left hanging… come now! I need you inside me now, love! Ooooooooh……

She is holding Kofi’s head, trying to pull him up.
But Kofi has no erection, and he is scared.

She pulls him hard, but he is stuck like a mountain, absolutely unmovable!

He knows he cannot let Akweley find out what is going on. He has to find a solution fast before his marriage.
He believes now.

Sajili, indeed, has succeeded in rendering him impotent with all girls apart from herself.

How can that be possible, oh Lord? What has he let himself into?

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