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Story: PASSWORD - Episode 11


Password - Episode 11

©Aaron Ansah-Agyeman
Restricted Content: 20 Years +
Coarse Language. Nudity. Sex. Violence..


Kofi reaches out and pulls her round, and it wasn’t quite gentle.

Okay, okay. Do the d--n apupuchacha bullshit!

Now you’re learning, darling. So you see, I control when you get an erection. That means, you can’t come and worry me with your erect lavde when I’m not in the mood for sex. I will decide when you get an erection to make love. Isn’t that wonderful?

Just do it… DO IT, YOU WITCH!!
She looks hurt suddenly and folds her arms across her chest and looks at him darkly.
No, I won’t do it.

What? Why? What are you talking about?

If you want to have an erection to make love, you better learn how to ask me nicely, Kofi. You don’t want to make me angry when I control your erection.

Kofi Kuntu is suddenly suffused with a terrible rage. His hands ball into fists and all he wants to do is beat her face up to pulp!
He raises his right fist to hit her.
She looks at him without fear and shakes her head gently, looking at him with something close to pity on her face.

You… you…

Don’t make that mistake, my love. Remember, I control the most important organ in your life now. Be very, very careful about how you deal with me!
Kofi harnesses all his inner power and relaxes.

He breathes shallowly, and forces himself to calm down.

Alright. Alright. Please, Saj, I want to make love to you, my sweet Princess!
She smiles sweetly up at him.

Yes, of course, my sweet darling. You learn really fast, and that’s a good thing, sweet little Kofi.
She gets on her knees and stars mumbling the password. Dimly Kofi is aware of her pulling his penis, one of his testicles, turning his flabby penis in an anti-clockwise circle and then comes the final hefty two slaps on his buttocks.

Kofi feels the painful sting of her hands slapping his buttocks and looks at her with tears of fear in his eyes.

His penis is erect now!
He has no doubts now.
The Indian Sajili has really put a password on his manhood!
As incredible as it sounds, as crazy as it sounds… it is true.

Kwasea wai! Aboa bi ba wate!

Hey, what’s that? Are you insulting me?

You’re a very wicked woman! So every time I want to make love I’ll receive two hefty slaps on my bare buttocks? You fool!!
She begins to laugh then with real mirth, looking at him with manic glee.

Yes, Kofi! That’s for making me chase you for so long whilst you spurned me and chased after other girls, making me jealous! Don’t worry, after we’re married I’ll reset the password and either make it one slap or, if you’re a really sweet boy, take the slaps out of it all together. Now, I feel h---y! Come and klonk me!
Kofi does an odd thing then.
He gets off the bed, still with his erection, and kneels down in front of the bed, facing her.
He has tears in his eyes.

Please, Saj. I beg of you, remove the password on my lavde! I really beg you! I have a fiancee! We’re getting married in a month! I beg you, Saj, remove the password!
She lies back and slowly spreads her legs and runs her hands down her breasts to her chut.

I’ll never remove the password, Kofi, my love. I love you. You’re the only man I want. And now, finally, I have you. You’re going to be mine! Forever! You should get that into your head, and you should accept it. This is how your life is going to be, forever with me. Nothing angers me more than the way you’ve even saved my name on your phone. Sajili Indian. Such disrespect! Will you be happy if I save your name as Kofi Ghana, you fool! Now, be a good fiance, come and klonk me!
Kofi stands up and looks at her.
He feels so morose, so incredibly sad that he feels no urge to make love.

Saj, please! I had no option than to agree to your terms because I used something on my d--k, and it was hurting me! I have no intentions of marrying you! You know I have a girlfriend I’m going to marry! Please, I beg of you! You can’t do this to me, Saj, please!

I’ve finally got you where I want you, Kofi. I’m not going to let you marry that girl. Even if you marry her you’re not going to be able to make love to her. You’ll come and make love to me, only me. You’re going to be faithful to me whether you like it or not, because your d--k is passworded forever! Now come and klonk me, my darling!
Without another word and with a heavy heart Kofi turns away from her and returns to the living-room.

Tears sting his eyes as he dresses slowly.
Sajili comes to the doorway and looks at him, her eyes bright, with no remorse on her face, only a triumphant smile.

And Kofi knows he is in very deep trouble.

He goes outside and leans against his car, his despair and acute depression buffeting him.
Trembling, he takes out his phone and dials Ato’s number.
It rings several times.
He keeps on calling until it is finally picked.

Hey, what the f--k, man! Do you know the time?

She put a password on my d--k, Ato.
There is a shocked intake of breath from the other end.

What? What did you just say?
The Indian chick, Sajili. The one I told you about. The IT classmate.

Did you say password on your penis?

Yes, yes, my paddy. She put a password on my penis, and now I can’t get an erection unless she inputs the password.

You call me three in the morning to tell me there’s a password on your penis? Wetin dey wrong you, Kofi? At this time that normal people are sleeping, you’re walking around with Indians and saying you have a password on your d--k! Nonsense!
He cuts the call.
Kofi calls again.
Ato’s phone is off.
And Kofi Kuntu bends his head and for the first time in many years his shoulders shake uncontrollably with the depths of his tears.

To be continued

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