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Story: PASSWORD - Episode 10


Password - Episode 10

©Aaron Ansah-Agyeman
Restricted Content: 20 Years +
Coarse Language. Nudity. Sex. Violence..


They go at it for a long time, and then Sajili stands up.
She pushes Kofi down and sits on him.

She laces her arms around his neck and rides him fast and hard, her head thrown back in unbridled ecstasy, her eyes deeply shut as she suddenly moans and screams as a powerful o----m rocks her beautiful frame.

Sajili having an o----m is the most dangerous thing Kofi has ever experienced.

She slaps his face and screams and scratches his chest, and then she holds his ears and raises his head and bangs his head down on the floor several times, dazing him, and then she sticks a finger into his eye.
And Kofi screams.

Ajeeeeeeiiii! You burst my eye, you f-----g girl!
His eye is burning, and he tries to sit up but she wouldn’t let him as she holds on tightly to him, and then she punches him repeatedly in the face.
Kofi moans with pain, holds her hair, and drags her off him roughly, and then he crawls away as his whole body aches from her assault.

She lies on the floor, still jerking, still moaning, and then thankfully she goes quiet as her o----m peters off.
Kofi looks at her with horror.

Ebei, aba boshit nso nyi?
But, thankfully, the pain in his loins is bearable now, but not gone completely. He can survive this.
He slowly lowers himself down, closes his eyes, and falls asleep almost instantly.

Kofi wakes up on the floor in the living-room.

The lights are still on, and their clothes are still strewn untidily around the room.

Sajili is not beside him, but he sees that the door to her bedroom is open.
His bladder is craving with the urge to urinate.

He stands up groggily.
He walks to the bedroom.

The lights are on, and Sajili is spread out naked on her bed, arms and legs wide, proud breasts standing poutingly up, chut nicely displayed.
As Kofi looks at her it finally dawns on him!

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Usually, at three o’clock in the morning, he will have a great erection when he feels like urinating.

The sight of Sajili’s sweet nakedness fills him with a great longing, and yet his lavde remains soft and flabby.
He moves to the bathroom and relieves his bladder, and then goes back to the bedroom.

Slowly he gets on top of the bed and inches his way to Sajili.

He kneels between her legs and rubs his lavde carefully along her chut.
He does it gently, and soon she begins to moan, moving her hips up gently to receive his gentle probing.
She is wet now, but he is still limp and flabby!
Panic begins to assail Kofi, and the more panicked he becomes the more afraid he becomes, and incredibly it seems to him that instead of getting engorged with blood and standing up proudly for some chutting pleasure, his lavde is getting smaller and smaller as if it is….

(screaming with horror)

Sajili bolts upright, startled.
She holds Kofi’s shoulders and shakes him hard!

What’s wrong with you? You startled me!

(desperately, scared)
What the hell have you done to my penis?
Sajili looks at him and smiles gently.

Oh! It is now dawning on you that the password I put on your lavde is-

Stop that lavde, lavde, lavde bullcrap!

Bulltruth, my boy, bulltruth! I passworded your penis! You really didn’t think I was going to allow a player like you to use me for free, did you?

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Ahhhhh! Ahhhhhh! AAAHHHHHHH!!

I’m here for you, Kofi! This is the weekend, and you can make love to me as many times as you want, but from Monday no more chut for your lavde! You’ll have to go to India with me and marry me! And then my chut will be for you forever, anytime and anywhere you want it. However, from today, you’ll never be able to make love to any woman, myself included, unless the password is used!

Kofisits back on the bed and looks at her with sudden sweat on his face.

No, I won’t believe that! It is a lie! That can’t be! That is bullshit and you know it! That thing you did? That’s nonsense! It is ridiculous! I won’t believe it!
She smiles at him demurely and lies back, spreading her smooth, curvy legs.

Come on then, loverboy! Take your fill! Hammer me like dough!

Hammer you like dough. Nonsense. Is that one too supposed to be sexy?
She giggles and holds out her arms.

Oh, loverboy is sulky! Come here, darling. Come and let me show you some loving!

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Reluctantly Kofi crawls towards her.
He falls on her and their lips meet. She moans deeply and squirms against him.

He rubs his hands gently on her breasts, flicking her hardened n-----s.
She reaches down and takes him in her hand and rubs the tip of his pole against the entrance of her hoop.

She is wet, warm and dripping.
Kofi kisses her harder and kisses her throat.

He suddenly moves up her body and presents his essential member to her lips.
She looks up at him with questioning, teasing look.

Suck me, please.

But you’re as soft as a piece of cushion! Do you want me to input the password and make it hard so that you enjoy the lavde sucking?

I swear to God if you mention lavde again I’ll slap you!

So what do you want? Should I suck it like this, all soft and flabby, or you want it hard and sweet?

Suck it! Suck it! It’ll get hard and harder and hardened! There is no bloody password!!

She shrugs and takes him in her mouth.

Kofi closes his eyes and shuts out everything, and enjoys the sensation of being in her mouth.

It lasts for about five minutes, and then she takes him out of her mouth with a disgusted look on her face.

D--n it! It’s like sucking on a cushion! So soft and f-----g mushy! Hey, you want the password or not? If you don’t want it I’ll go back to sleep.
Kofi looks at her, appalled, his eyes now bulging with fear.

You witch!

Do you want me to input the password?

You bad witch! You f-----g Indian witch!

Okay. Suit yourself!

She turns her back to him.


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