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Good day everyone,mhiztaemy is here to give you a short article concerning steps to follow in having sex with your lady.
Let Start with sexual feelings

SEXUAL FEELING are very persistent because they are the natural flow of love energy in the body. So sex cannot be ignored, cannot be repressed. You are love; you can’t not think about it. If you don’t face your sexual feelings, they will torture you. If you try to forget about your sexual feelings, you will become uncreative. Your every action will be stiff, awkward.

Do You know you can feel someone’s sexual energy with all of your clothes on. Not even embracing but just barely touching. Yes, even without touching. Tuning in to another person’s energy, you can feel ecstasy even though you’re at opposite ends of a room.

And when you don’t try to do anything about it, the energy just goes on and on.
GOOD SEX depends less on techniques than on how appreciative you are able to be. And to be really appreciative means to be content with the present moment. You don’t think about tomorrow; you don’t think about the next moment; you’re too involved with your feelings in thismoment. Obviously, if you’re straining for orgasm, you won’t be very appreciative of this moment. You won’t pay much attention to what is actually happening. But if you wait to feel appreciative untilyou come, you’ll find that you’ll have come and gone!
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Some men think they have to give their woman an orgasm, and some women think so, too. Some men think it’s up to the woman to give them an orgasm, and some women accept that view. Some women are convinced that a man always wants to come. Some men are convinced that a woman will be unhappy if he doesn’t have his penis inside her. All these beliefs are wrong at least part of the time.
1. Look deep into her eyes and make sure u dont shy away.

2. Hold her to zero distance, make sure your chest get in touch with her breast and feel the wormth from it.

3. Then give her a wet deep kiss, then whisper to her "your so beautiful"
Kiss her again and tell her "I love u honey"

4. Go on and romance her, hold her breasts, romance it softly and slow while kissing her, eventually tell her" One day u will kill me with this kind of love"

5.She will start breathing so fast meaning that she's ready but don't rush, take things slow.

6. Romance her for about 30-40mins, after that remove her clothes leaving the panties.
Kiss her neck, breast, suck it and go ahead to kiss her stomach too....!! Jesuuu mi

7. Slowly pull down her pants,go ahead to kiss plus sucking her clitoris. At this point, she will yearn for your dick but i repeat. Ha ha ha
DON'T rush.

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8. Pull out your dick, pass it around her body to areas like the breast, neck, ears, stomach, then eventually down her thighs.

9. Insert 1cm of ur dick in her pussy, eventually pull it out and ur dick on her clit which will force her to bring out the juices....Jizzzzzz

10. Go ahead and suck them. The juices help to smoothen the path for the dick to prevent it from getting hurt...! Goshhhh..

11. Fuck her very hard while kissing her breasts.

12. With all this, you can now spread her legs and fuck the hell out of her as if there's no more tomorrow....Buh

13. After she has come, spread her legs and suck her like 5 mins b4 fucking her again. This time from the behind until she cums.

14. After the second fuck, just tell her "how sweet her pussy is" and allow her to lay her head on your chest.

15. After a while, get her to the bathroom and wash her properly.
Sex is very important in every relationship...


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