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Seducive Amina-Episode 19

the door push open by Nkechi Amina’s mother “Amina, Lucy you don come again, if ona wan play lesbian play nobe for my roof oh, make ona warn ona sef” Amina’s mother warned standing at the door, she left the door when they have remain quiet, the two girls grinned, Lucy stood up and threw the pillow at Amina and ran out of the room.


The next day.

“Base on say na me set this compass, I godey chop Amina back and front, so make ona four choose who go sample her sister first?” Five of them are in a room the windows facing the road in an uncompleted building close to Amina’s compound, the construction of the house has stopped a year ago. And the house is surrounded by grasses, sitted on the Window is YouTube who proposed the idea.
“Na me na, nobody fit handle Lucy here apart from me, that girl sabi f--k well well” Mallam who is on a foam in the uncompleted room, cleared by the five of them. Mallam is the one who brought the idea of the foam for relaxation.
“You want make that girl turn you cripple, you nodey hear her voice wey dey sound like person wey don suck d--k tire. She need person wey get muscles like me, make I give am plenty styles” the macho among them, his name is Bethel but popularly called Bet for his love for bet9ja.
“Ona fit dey drag oh, the watching go be turn by turn. You know say them don go party” YouTube said, he had trail the girls the whole day, and he find them discussing about something with Victoria earlier in the day. He conceal himself in a nearby bush and eavesdropped on their conversation, he mapped out a perfect place for their hide-out before calling his other friends who wanted to have Amina badly like him too.
“Bet, with that your small p---k? Na Lucy go rape you na, ona know say na me get the longest ammunition for here” Emeka the smallest among them in stature said, Bethel felt insulted and grabbed his shirt collar and raise a punch to his face.
“Abeg oh, na joke oh. No kill me oh” Emeka pleaded with his hands up in the air making the others laugh at him, “make we use this leaf throw dice, for who go sample Lucy” Mallam took a leaf and ask one of them to choose. The only person allowed to throw the leaf is YouTube who continually declare the winners till the final round.


“I regret why my papa na pastor, the man just dey frustrate brother James wey dey f--k me well” Lucy said sipping from a bottle of beer, her voice loud so the others could hear her. The hall is rowdy, people going out and coming in, girls and boys with their best out-fits. Loud music playing from the big speakers.
“Your father na goodman, any boy you date. Em go go round the area dey warn the boy upadan” Amina chip in chuckling, four of them are sitted round a table.
“How em come take good, na my papa go marry me” Lucy said rolling her eyes. Victor, Victoria his sister. Lucy and Amina are the four occupants of the chairs surrounding the table with different drinks.
“Fish dey swim for your brain, you don reach to marry, sweet sixteen like you” Victor said winking and licking his lips at Lucy, Amina step on his foot and he wince in pain. He sat betwixt Amina and Victoria, they don’t want a situation where he will be fingering Lucy beneath the table.
“Make husband and wife go dance na” Victoria suggested pointing at the people dancing at the other end of the hall that is dimly light, people are dancing there. The tables and chairs are not allowed in that section. Victoria who returned home to celebrate the Christmas holiday.
“Amina no sabi dance na, her nyash dey heavy her to carry” Victor said jokingly, Amina almost spill her drink as every one grinned.
“You wan pour for your boxer, oya na” Amina stood up and drag him along to the other side were people are dancing, the song become louder as she turned her a-s to his g---n. Twerking on him, Victor feel his boner getting attention anytime Amina twist her waist.
A boy sitting in the tables section stood up, almost tipsy holding a half drink beer bottle in his right hand “Aro mate!” He shouted loudly his voice strong and loud.
“Aro” others on red caps echo.
“Excess ooh” he raised his bottle up, charging.
“Bloody!” The others echo.
A gun shot fired in the air by someone who has smoking in one of the table with two girls beside him, and some of his guys are sitted around him.
“Asa wana wana” he shouted standing up.
“Wana!” His group on black, echo with him.
“Asa chase” he shouted again firing another shot in the air.
“Asa chase them all” they echo again, there were sudden unrest in the hall as people scamper out of the hall, those who don’t belong to any of the secret cult.
The first shout made Victor to drag Amina out of the place they were dancing, he signaled Lucy and Victoria who are sitted to come out of the hall too. They were still outside the hall calling him fear fear when the first gunshot was heard and four of them start running away from the area.

Since Victor’s house is closer than Amina’s house, they all ran to his house. The four of them arrived at the gate, as Victoria open the gate and four of them went in and she locked it.
“Lucy, come my room” Victoria drag Lucy’s to her room while Amina and Victor went to Victor’s room. Amina switch on the TV in his room as Victor went into the bathroom to have his bath, he return with just boxer and jump on the bed. And slept off, Amina switch off the TV and went to the bathroom, change to her undies and snug into his arms.
She find herself in a cave, behind her is the entrance of the cave as water pour down from the top downward. The cave is very dark, as Amina look terrified and confused on her undies only.
“You love him?” A voice echo round the cave, everything begin to fade away as Amina clutch tightly to Victor. A faint footsteps withdraw from the room were Amina and Victor is with a shadow.


The next morning.

“This pillow soft oh” Victor mumble his eyes close, subconsciously fondling it.
“Mumu, na my b----t you dey press” Amina push him off her body as he rolled off the bed and landed on the tiled floor.
“Aah!” He winced in pain.
“Amina” he called out softly.
“Umhh..” she responded.
“One day, I go f--k you” he said, both of them burst out laughing.

The five men who were busy watching the road awaiting Amina’s return and her sister, after waiting for them, they try getting some sleep and subconsciously slept off in the uncompleted building. Mosquitoes feed on them, they wake up the next morning feeling feverish and tired embittered by their misery.
“Guys, guys, ona don f--k up” YouTube said, not happy about their progress. The four others remain silent as they stagger to their various houses not wanting to be a part to another plan that will end up bringing more misery to them, YouTube wasn’t happy about the whole thing. He has failed again, he thought.


A Month Later, those who return to the village for the Christmas holiday has all travelled back to their businesses. The village wasn’t as lively as it was, but not Upaga Community Secondary School that attract sons and daughters of other communities, their wide-fame of making good WAEC results. WAEC registration is on-going as strangers come in and out of the school to register.
It was a sunny noon as February sun shone brightly from it’s orbit. Victor sat on a bench looking at Amina who tried to stone down the last mango remaining on a mango tree, the area is secluded from the main school, located close to the school basketball court and long tennis court. David walk towards them smiling and jumping happily as he approach them.
“David, why you dey smile like person wey lick devil nyash?” Victor who has been studying the mood of his friend question.
“Na Emily, that girl sweet die. She be cheerful giver, why you never collect”

David said, sitting beside Victor on the bench. Who shake his head sideways.

To be continued

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